What We Specialize In

As your family's CFO (Chief Financial Officer), your entire financial picture will be both simplified and greatly enhanced, so you can live a better life. Most large companies have a CFO, who oversees all of the financial aspects of the company. We do the same for successful familes, focusing on the six most important areas:

  • Planning and overseeing your retirement income plan
  • Managing your investments for more retirement income
  • Properly structuring your insurance protection
  • Reducing the taxes you pay every year
  • Planning your estate to ensure your assets pass on efficiently
  • Co-ordinating with your existing professionals (accountant, lawyer, etc)

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Our advice and services are ideal for successful business owners, pre-retirees and retirees who want freedom from micro-managing their finances. It is ideal if you value a highly educated and experienced expert to oversee your financial future.

Your success is our top priority. Although we would like to work with everyone, we limit the new clients we take on so that we can dedicate the time needed for each and every client. As a top level family CFO, we are best suited for new clients with $1 million+ of investable assets and want a stress-free financial life, so you can focus on the people and experiences you love.

Your Proven Path To Success

Our approach to managing your wealth is much more complete than what you are used to. We take care of your entire big picture, and oversee the most important areas of your financial life through our proven and successful process:

  • Initial Assessment: Our preliminary meetings will enable us to organize your financial life (always an important first step) utilizing our “Step One Booklet” that we send you. From there, we will highlight and prioritize the areas that need to be addressed to both enhance, and simplify your life.
  • Retirement: This is the cornerstone of the valuable planning we do as your Family CFO. We will discuss your retirement goals and show you SIMPLIFIED projections of whether you are on track to meet those goals. If you aren’t quite on track, we will show you exactly what you need to do, and continually monitor the plan to ensure a worry-free retirement. Our Retirement Plans are 25-30 pages in length (for my detailed planning), however, 99% of our clients find the simplified one page summary we provide exactly what they need. Click here for more details
  • Insurance: You will receive a full analysis of your insurance policies to make sure you have the proper protection for you, and your family. As well, we will ensure you are accessing the absolute lowest premiums available for your protection. Click here for more details
  • Investments: We have access to the very best investment solutions available. Your investment portfolio will be individually tailored to maximize your wealth and provide a predictable retirement income stream. Ultimately, you will enjoy full peace of mind both during retirement, and as you work towards it. Click here for more details
  • Tax & Estate: You will be shown customized strategies to continually reduce the taxes you pay, so you keep more of your hard earned money. As well, we will implement a plan to maximize the value of your estate and ensure a smooth transfer of wealth to future generations. Click here for more details
  • Ongoing Reviews: You will enjoy highly personalized service, which includes scheduled reviews with you to ensure all of these areas are continually optimized. As well, we are always available for your phone calls or e-mails should you have any questions. We are confident that the ongoing communication you will receive is far and above the best.


Jeff is committed to being one of the few top educated advisors in Canada. This ensures you are getting the absolute best advice available. In addition, he is a firm believer in ongoing continuing education to ensure you are receiving the best advice available in Canada. Just some of his credentials include:

  • CFP – The internationally recognized Certified Financial Planning designation
  • CLU – Canada’s advanced estate planning designation
  • BBA – Bachelor of Business degree, concentrating in Accounting & Taxation
  • The Canadian Securities Course (CSC)
  • CHS - The premier credential for specialized knowledge in risk management solutions for individuals, business owners, and professionals.
  • The Conduct and Practices Course (CPH)
  • Both the Level 1 & 2 Life, Accident & Sickness Insurance Licenses
  • Member of the Financial Planners Standards Council (FPSC)
  • Member of the Financial Advisor’s Association of Canada (Advocis)

Media Contributions

Jeff is continually called upon and trusted by some of the top media sources for his sound advice to educate the public. Below are just a few of those publications.


Financial Post The Vancouver Sun National Post


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“Ask The Financial Expert” in Vancouver View Magazine

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How We Are Paid

Financial Footprint is a full service wealth management provider. We believe in full disclosure concerning compensation for our hard work, and our goal is to provide the absolute best wealth management experience for you, in a cost efficient and tax effective manner. I firmly believe the value we provide for our work is unmatched. We are compensated in a variety of ways:

  • Investment management fee – based on investments we manage for you
  • Fee for service – a flat or hourly financial planning fee
  • Commission – typically embedded in insurance solutions

We will always outline the various fee and compensation structures available to you.

How We Get Started

To learn more about how you can benefit from a highly educated and experienced Family CFO, please e-mail jeff@financialfootprint.ca. I will sit down with you in person, or over the phone, to learn more about you. There is absolutely no charge for this. It helps us both decide if we are a good fit, as well as provide you with the areas of your financial life we will be able to simplify, and enhance. You will be provided with our “Step One” booklet before this initial meeting, so you know exactly what you need to bring. I look forward to helping you live an even better life!